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No Contractor Is Going To Remodel Your Bathroom Better Or Faster Than Us – NO ONE.


That’s a pretty big claim – stating that no one contractor in Allentown or Wilkes-Barre or Williamsport can remodel your bathroom better or faster than Re-Bath. All I ask is that you reserve your judgment and let me prove it to you.

Contrary to popular belief, a bathroom remodel is not as simple and as easy as they make it look on those DIY (Do It Yourself) reality TV shows. Sure, anybody can come in and slap on a “cosmetic” patch job and make it look great… but is it safe? Functional? Or more importantly – Will It Last?

Bathrooms take an enormous amount of punishment, probably more so than any other room in the house. This abuse can rapidly take a small mistake and turn it into a huge problem. For example, see that really small crack in the grout you were told not to worry about? Well, if you like to take hot showers it’s going to be a problem. That steam will seep into that crack and before you know it, you have mold and mildew growing behind your walls where you can’t see it – until it’s too late.

The point is that there are a thousand things that have to go EXACTLY right to make a bathroom remodel not only beautiful – but safe, functional, and long-lasting.

When we remodel your bathroom we are not just going to show up and hastily install a cookie-cutter “cosmetic patch job.” There are two separate and distinct areas in a bathroom. The “wet” and the “dry.” Most other bathroom contractors in Northeastern PA don’t like to “dig too deep” on the wet side because of the problems they might find. They find it much easier – and more profitable – to ignore the problems. If it’s behind the wall… who’s going to know? We know – and we think that’s a terrible way to remodel a bathroom.

When it comes to “wet” areas we literally strip your bathroom down to the guts. We make sure every single component is functional, safe, and that it can handle the new upgrades you are installing. Anything that is not “up-to-snuff” in your bathroom gets pulled and replaced – even your copper pipes.

Once we are positive that everything behind the walls is fully functional – and only then – do we install your new bathroom. And everything is installed to perfection – no detail too small, no item insignificant. By the time we’re done you have a beautiful bathroom that will last a lifetime.

And we do all of this in as little as a day – full bathroom remodels we can do in as little as two.

That’s why I can proudly – and boldly – say that No One Is Better Or Faster Than Re-Bath. If you’re looking for a bathroom contractor who services Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Lansdale, Phoenixville, Williamsport, Doylestown, Reading, or other nearby areas in Northeastern PA, contact us today.

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You’ll Know What We Are Doing And When – Every Step Of The Way.


This Is Where It All Starts – See Your Bathroom Come To Life… Before You Spend A Dime.


Fast, Easy, Affordable. Get Your Dream Bathroom for a lot less than you think.