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Rebath Northeast Products and Services

All the products for bathroom remodels

Rebath Northeast Full Bathroom Remodeling
Full Bathroom Remodeling
People looking to remodel their bathrooms are often pleasantly surprised to discover the fast, affordable and attractive the Re-Bath alternative.
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rebath northeast tub and shower conversion
Tub to Shower Conversion
ReBath will convert your old bathtub into a sparkling new shower in just one day.
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Rebath Northeast replacement tubs

Replacement Tubs
If your tub is cracked, discolored or worn-out, we can replace it with a new Re-Bath DuraBath SSPÂȘ Bathtub.
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rebath northeast shower base

Shower Replacement
Re-Bath Northeast shower replacement solutions are an advanced combination of beauty and durability.
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rebath northeast wall system
Wall Systems
Each ReBath Wall System is custom manufactured and in most cases ReBath will remove all damaged walls before installing your new acrylic wall system.
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Rebath northeast bathtub liners

Bathtub Liners are custom formed to fit perfectly over your worn-out bathtubs. ReBath liners will not crack, chip, mildew, or rust. The non-porous surface is easy to clean.
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ReBath Northeast installs walk-in tubs
Aging In Place
Walk in Tubs allow you to take a soaking bath without the obstacle of having to climb in or out of the tub, thereby reducing the risk of falling.
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