Tips & Tricks: How to change the diverter on a shower head

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Everyone once in a while, customers call and ask us how to do small repairs to the plumbing in their ReBath tub or shower system. Washers need to be changed in faucets, diverters need to be replaced or sealant needs to be redone. Many of these are very simple fixes and anyone can do them with a little direction.

ReBath Northeast Tips and Tricks for simple bathroom fixes - Changing a shower head diverterFor example, our production manager Bob, shot the video below on how to change the diverter on a shower head. For those of you who don’t know, the diverter is what makes the water spray through your handheld instead of your regular shower head.

The whole video is just a few minutes long and has just a few steps. Even if you don’t have a clue how to change the diverter on a shower head, you will be able to follow along easily.

First you should consider the reasons you may need to change the diverter. Is there water spraying out between the shower head and arm? Is there less water pressure coming from your hand held than there once was? You may not necessarily need to change the diverter, but taking it off to check for debris is a good idea too.

Once you are pretty sure you need to change the diverter, watch our step by step video and it’ll be a breeze.

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