Summer Home Improvement Projects

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The warm weather has finally arrived in NEPA and the Lehigh Valley. The warm temperatures give us the opportunity to do many things that we can not enjoy during the majority of the year like gardening, golfing, fishing and vacationing.

The warm weather also gives homeowners the opportunity to take care of some home improvement items that are easier to do during the warm months. Not sure what projects you should tackle? Take a look at our suggestions.

ReBath Northeast - Summer Home Improvement Ideas

Power washing is just one of the home improvements you can take care of in the summer. Photo credit:

1. Clean the filters and vents
Maintaining the vents and filters on your appliances and your heating unit can help keep your heating and cooling costs down. Though cleaning the filters and vents is not an extremely taxing project, it is one we often forget about for years on end.

First and foremost are your air conditioning vents. You’ve probably heard many times that you need to change this filter every three months, but do you actually do it? If you need motivation, an AC system running efficiently is much less expensive than one running with a dirty filter. In fact, you’ll be able to save money on your electric bill this summer. Make sure that your AC vents are clean and free of dust as well.

But don’t stop there. Have you ever paused to think how many other filters in your home need changing? What about the vent on your refrigerator? Yes, the vent is in the back and is difficult to get to, but your refrigerator consumes more energy than any other home appliance. It’s important to make sure the filter is clean and unobstructed every few months. The same goes for the filter on your furnace as well.

2. Shampoo the carpets and clean the furniture
Don’t be fooled into thinking you only need to vacuum to keep your carpets looking like new, especially if you have pets or children. Even if you can’t see it, there is a lot of dirt hidden in those carpets. Rent a carpet shampooer from a local store, spend a little extra on the good soap and you’ll be shocked at how much dirt it pulls from your carpets. It may cost you about $50, but you’ll save thousands from not needing to replace your carpets in the near future.

3. Power wash your house and patio
Your house gets a bath every time it rains, right? Not quite. Your house may get wet, but if you have siding, it probably needs a little more than drizzle to get it clean looking. Rent or borrow a power washer, read the instructions and then get to work. The dull yellow siding on your home can be bright and beautiful again in just a few hours. While you have the machine, power wash your deck or patio too. A  little tip: make sure all the windows are closed!

4. Seal your windows
Properly sealing your windows is a cheap way to save lots of money all year round. Take a look at each window in your home and see how much sealant is around it. Chances are the sealant has fallen out off over the years. Gaps in sealant let cold air in and your heat out in the winter. Spend $20 on a tube of sealant and save yourself money through all of the seasons.

5. Replace your blinds
Replacing blinds in your home may not do much to save you money, but it is a cheap and easy way to improve the overall “look” of your home if you do it yourself. You can replace the blinds in a window for under $10! The installation procedure is relatively easy, and the result is a much nicer feel to your home.

These are just some ideas for easy home improvement projects you can get done during the warm months of the year. Don’t forget to enjoy the warm weather also!

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