Practical Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer As You Age

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Bathroom Remodel DoylestownIf there’s one consistent thing about residents in Doylestown, and people everywhere else in the world, it’s that they’re getting older. Many people don’t like to think about aging, but it’s a necessary concern, especially in regards to the comfort and safety of bathrooms. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Doylestown, there are several things contractors can do to improve the space.

Get a Walk-In Tub or Shower

Smooth surfaces combined with possible excess water make bathrooms common places for people to fall. You can minimize the risk of falling by having a walk-in tub or shower installed. People are often more likely to slip when transferring their weight to one side of their bodies to step into or out of tubs and showers.

Walk-in versions greatly reduce the potential for problems because they don’t require people to make major positional changes to access the tubs and showers. Individuals simply open a door on the side and step inside as easily as if they were walking.

Install Grab Bars in Strategic Areas

If you’re getting a bathroom remodel in Doylestown, it’s also smart to think about installing bars that people can grab onto and steady themselves while using the toilet or bathing. Sometimes, these additions just make people feel more relaxed due to the visible sources of support, but in other cases, they may prevent individuals from losing their balance.

Have Contractors Reduce Cabinet Height

Remodeling your bathroom so it’s safer as you age is a very personalized process. However, there is an improvement you could make that everyone can enjoy regardless of how old they are. Ask your contractors to alter the cabinets so they are lower. That way, people don’t have to strain to reach what’s inside, and potentially get off balance.

Clearly, there are meaningful ways to make your bathroom better so it’s a safer place as you age. Consider getting a free estimate soon.

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