3 Features to Add That Will Boost Your Bathroom’s Value


When it comes to scheduling a bathroom remodel in Doylestown, you likely want to opt for features that will enhance your enjoyment of the space, improve its appearance and boost the overall value of your home, too. Achieving all of this may be a stretch for some contractors, but when you choose the right remodeler to partner with, you can get the results you want. These three features are a great way to add value, appeal and better functionality to your bathroom while remodeling it.

Heated Flooring

Though this may seem to be a purely luxury item, it is one that many buyers will be drawn to, and if you have no plans to sell, you can enjoy for yourself. Heated ceramic flooring keeps your feet warm and ensures your bathroom is never inhospitable on chilly days. If you do plan to sell, it is likely to be a big booster for the value and a great investment for your bathroom remodel in Doylestown.

High Efficiency Toilet

Investing in green and energy efficient features is almost always wise because the savings in energy will eventually pay off the cost of the item. This is true of high efficiency dual flush toilet models. The environmentally friendly appeal of the item will also attract potential buyers who are interested in a home with green features. Installations like these are a win win when you are completing a bathroom remodel in Doylestown.

Curbless Walk In Shower

Gorgeous curbless showers are the latest trend in attainably luxurious bathroom updates. If you want to get the biggest impact out of your bathroom remodel in Doylestown, a curbless walk in shower is the best way to do so. Its refined appearance and simple elegance will make any potential buyer salivate and boost the value of your whole home, too. Few other showers can have this effect.

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Take Your Bathroom From Standard to Stunning

Bath remodel showroom Allentown PA

Every home has one or more bathrooms in it and after a while they may all seem the same. You can have a bathroom that stands out if you consider a few key upgrades. Many of these can be found in a bathroom remodel showroom in Allentown, PA. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Make the Most of Small Spaces

A small bathroom or a half-bath can feel cramped when you try to get all the necessary features put into place. Get creative with your storage by utilizing the wall space above the toilet or by adding hangers to the door.

Stick With a Single Theme

If you’ve been upgrading your bathroom piecemeal, then it can look cobbled together. At a bath remodel showroom in Allentown, PA, you can find fixtures, cabinets and more that coordinate well together. You can also have an easy record to access for finding the next piece of your set.

Don’t Forget About Color

While a spa-inspired bathroom may be very pale and light on bright colors, not all bathrooms have to look like that. Consider a geometric-patterned shower curtain in black, white and one bright color of your choice. You can also decorate with colorful artwork that rotates seasonally.

Details for Your Guests

If you have a guest bathroom, there are a few ways you can make it more welcoming. A medicine cabinet is often overlooked for a guest bath, so make sure you give your guest a discrete place to put their necessities. Add a bathrobe that matches the color scheme of your guest bathroom to provide them with a resort experience.

If you are working on your home bathroom, make sure to stop by a bath remodel showroom in Allentown, PA. Even if you’re just thinking about a remodel but haven’t started yet, a showroom is a great way to get ideas.

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3 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Best Results








Scheduling a bathroom remodel in Doylestown can be a great decision. In addition to the improved aesthetic appeal, you can enjoy improved home value and a range of other benefits. If you are going to commit to this project, however, you want to get the best results possible. In order to ensure this happens, you should follow these three bathroom remodeling ideas. The results are sure to be stunning.

Contact a Contractor

Undertaking a bathroom remodel in Doylestown as a DIY project is inadvisable at best. If you would like to get the best results, the first step is to bring a professional on board for the job. They will be able to plan a remodel that looks great, maximizes the value that can be added to your home and has a completely professional finish. These reasons should be motivation enough, but you may also prefer that a contractor save you from the time and effort of doing it yourself.

Keep it Timeless

If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom remodel in Doylestown, you have plenty of sources available. Blogs, magazines and TV shows all offer remodeling ideas accompanied by before and after pictures. You may notice that many of these feature trends that peak and fade quickly, however. When you are having your remodel done, it is a good idea to err on the side of timeless design rather than opting for trendy features that will be out of style in a year’s time.

Prioritize Value Over Personal Preference

Along those same lines, it is wise to resist the urge to remodel according to your personal style. Instead, consult with your contractor to strategize what features may provide the best return on investment. Prioritize these so that you can reap the benefits upon the home’s sale. Much like trends, your personal preferences will not have much value over time.

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A Bathroom Remodel Done on a Budget

Bathroom Remodel Doylestown











Bathroom remodeling invokes terrifying images of walls being torn open, a floor messy with wall debris and a hefty installation bill that will drain your wallet. However, the fact is remodeling your bathroom is hardly as nightmarish as you may think. In fact, a bathroom remodel in Doylestown can be done effectively for homeowners on a low budget.


A cheap way to make your bathroom look better than ever is to give it a new paint job. However, make sure that the paint is high quality and mold resistant so that the bathroom’s humidity and temperature don’t instigate the growing of mildew and mold. Also be aware that bathroom paint jobs will take a while since the painter has to paint around all the obstacles in the bathroom, like the sink, toilet and the tub.

New Caulk and Grout

Grimy caulk and cracked grout can be an eyesore, and degrading caulk can also lead to molds or fungus over time. The good news is that it’s cheap to replace caulk and grout. A low budgeted bathroom remodel in Doylestown can clean out the grout and caulk and have new caulk administered around your sink, tub and shower. With new, shiny white caulk and no cracked grout, your bathroom will instantly look a lot better.

New Lightning and Fixtures

Simply adding new fixtures, such as a new faucet, knobs and a shower rod can upgrade your bathroom’s look and be accomplished for just a few hundred dollars, and you don’t have to tear out and rearrange pipes in the process. In addition, sometimes just having the right lighting can make a bathroom feel more airy and open without having to knock out a wall, so replacing your bathroom lights is another good bet.

Don’t hesitate to ask your bathroom remodeler for additional tips on making your bathroom look like new. You’ll be stunned how well a bathroom remodel in Doylestown looks with a few simple actions that don’t require you to tear open walls or floors.

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4 Popular Choices in a New Bathroom



One of the inevitable challenges of being a homeowner is making repairs and renovations. Whether through wear and tear or mishap, there will come a time when you’ll eventually have to repair or replace portions of the bathrooms in your house. You may even be ready for a change in style or look that matches your preferences or even current trends. Fortunately, there are a number of options for bathroom renovations. Many of these are cost effective and can be done quickly and without intensive labor. When it comes to bathroom remodel in reading, here are some of the most popular items to repair.

Improve the Flooring

Your bathroom floor takes a beating over the years. The material can also go out of style after a while. Putting in new flooring should be one of your first choices in a bathroom renovation. Tile, vinyl and cork are popular selections. Even bamboo is a material you should consider. These different types offer aesthetically pleasing looks as well as durability.

Change Out the Vanity

Updating the vanity in your bathroom can be an easy process. Simply painting your existing vanity makes a huge difference in bathroom remodel in Reading. You can also change the hardware or the drawers. If you want a significant re-do, replace your current vanity with something modern and fresh.

Hit the Shower

Your tub may be fine, but replacing the shower tile and the shower head and faucets can transform your bathroom. Look for tile colors that complement the walls and flooring.

Grab a Brush and Paint

Anyone can paint, and it can make a huge difference in your bathroom. If your current colors are getting drab and stale, select some attractive colors and make the change.

Bathroom remodel in Reading has never offered better choices. Don’t settle for that boring, plain bathroom any longer. Implement these changes love your bathroom again.

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Design Trends for Your New Bathroom









When you first contact a business that performs bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville, you’ll likely already have a flurry of ideas about how you want your new bathroom to be designed. Before you make any final decisions, though, consider the following trends that can add that extra special element to your new bathroom.

Mediterranean Flavor

The Mediterranean conjures up images of lovely beaches, refreshing breezes, and endless relaxation. Capture that essence when you incorporate warm colors and painted terra cotta into your bathroom. Complete the look with polished or brushed metal accents to add a modern touch to a traditional design.

Creative Storage Solutions

Even if you have your bathroom all to yourself, you may find that your current bathroom doesn’t have quite enough storage for all your towels, grooming products, and other miscellany. When you design your new bathroom, think about incorporating vertical storage solutions. A large armoire can add a vintage touch, whereas sleek metal shelving is ideal for a contemporary look. You can also have your contractor build in some sturdy cabinets.

White Wonder

A white bathroom is truly timeless, and white doesn’t have to be boring, either. When you talk to the contractor who will do your bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville, explore your tile, bath, and sink options in white. The final result will be a clean and versatile look. As the seasons change, you can switch your decorative accents, like your towels, soap dispensers, shower curtain, etc. to give your bathroom a simple makeover while it maintains its attractive white base.

Easy Access

Even if you’re still relatively young, you may appreciate having an accessible bathroom. Walk-in showers and tubs can be both stylish and functional. Curbless showers are another trend, and they can even make your bathroom look larger than it really is.

The business that performs your bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville will help you to design a space that is both beautiful and practical.

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Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Bathroom Now

Bathroom Remodeling Lansdale PA

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities, but it can also bring many benefits and years of enjoyment. One of the biggest advantages of owning your home over renting is the option to renovate or remodel as you see fit. That is one reason why many people are looking into bathroom remodeling in Lansdale, PA, but there are many other benefits to making over your bathroom now.

Increase your Property Value

It is a well-known fact that renovations and home updates actually increase the value of your home investment. Having up-to-date decor and fixtures, especially in the bathroom, can improve the value of a place quite a bit. So if you decide to sell your house at some point, you will likely see an impressive return on your investment. Or, if you decide to live in your home for the foreseeable future, then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you remodeled and are using only the best for you and your family.

Make Your Living Space Beautiful

Another reason to remodel your bathroom now is to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps you bought your house as a “fixer upper” and never got around to actually fixing it up, or perhaps your tastes have changed from your last renovation several years ago. Whatever the case, by joining many others who are considering bathroom remodeling in Lansdale, PA, you are showing that you love having uniquely beautiful surroundings, even in your bathroom.

Pamper Yourself

There may be nothing better than taking a relaxing bath in a comfortable and cozy bathroom after a long, stressful day. The best way to pamper yourself is to have a gorgeous bathroom with eye-catching fixtures and designs to indulge all of your senses.

A great bathroom renovation will take into consideration your style and preferences in order to make your room as appealing as possible and increase your home value. Whatever your reason for bathroom remodeling in Lansdale, PA, you will not regret your choice.

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Creating a Bathroom that Helps with Daily Stress

Bathroom Remodeling Phoenixville

Your home is your temple, oasis and retreat, but it can also be one of the most stressful environments you encounter all day. Stress has been linked to a number of long-term health issues from weight gain to heart disease. While you cannot avoid a certain amount of stress in your job and other daily tasks, your home can be specifically designed to ease it. One of the best things you can do is renovate your bathroom to reduce anxiety. If you have been considering bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville, make sure to follow these design tips to create a stress free oasis.

1.Minimize Clutter

Your bathroom can easily become one of the most cluttered locations in your home, and this is one of the biggest culprits in causing anxiety. Renovating your space to include an ample amount of storage can significantly help reduce the number of items sprawled throughout the room. Putting in a vanity with extensive drawer and cabinet space for hair products and other beauty supplies is a good start.

2.Carefully Select Your Tub

Nothing eases stress like a long luxurious bath and crafting a space that enhances the experience can make a major difference. A large tub with a wide surrounding lip can allow you to bring in relaxing décor like candles and plants. Additionally, the color of the tile surrounding your space can affect your mood. Use muted blues and grays to create a spa like ambience.

3.Lighting is Key

Harsh lighting can actually increase stress levels. While there may be times when you want significant light, you also want the option to dim the room. Carefully installing appropriate lights above the vanity and tub can create a more calming atmosphere. Avoid overall bright lights and opt for softer bulbs.

Ultimately, your bathroom should be a retreat that whisks you away from your daily stresses and not a space that causes them. If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia, work with your contractor to create the perfect spa retreat.

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Designing Your Ideal Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling Phoenixville

It’s time to remodel your bathroom! Soon, you’ll have a bathroom that reflects your personality and style, a bathroom that you’re proud to show to your guests. When you’re deciding on the details of how to remodel your bathroom, what things do you need to consider? What do you need to discuss with the company you choose to do your bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville?


Your choices for your color scheme are virtually endless. If you want a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, go for neutral and warm colors, like rust, brown, and cream. On the other hand, if you want a fun bathroom, choose brighter colors like turquoise. Browse online for ideas and inspiration, and show those pictures to the company that will remodel your bathroom.


If you’re modeling the bathroom that is closest to your bedroom, be sure you ask the company that will do your bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville to install a dimmer switch for the lights. There is nothing worse than walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night only to be blinded by a glaring overhead light.

On the other hand, you may want two sets of lights. A dim light for basic use, and bright over-the-mirror lights for when you’re grooming yourself in the morning.

Shower, Tub, or Both

A shower stall is easy to clean, and it can be an attractive part of your bathroom. However, you may want to opt for a relaxing tub if you are the type who likes to indulge in a soak once in a while. If your bathroom is large enough, you may have the space for both options.

A company that does bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville can give you expert advice on how to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Before you contact a contractor, however, you should have a good idea of what you want your new bathroom to look like.

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Your Beautiful New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel in Doylestown

There are few things more rewarding than a home remodeling project. Many people dream of a transformative renovation in there home, but most feel wary of the expenses of hiring contractors. The sad truth is that there are many remodeling companies that don’t have you and your home as a top priority. Fortunately, there are contractors out there that want to ensure your bathroom remodel in Doylestown is a truly positive experience.

Start Small, Think Big

What’s great about bathroom remodels is that in a relatively small space, you can improve the feel of of your home immensely. Whereas kitchen remodeling or entire additions can take weeks to complete, your bathroom remodel in Doylestown can be finished within a matter of days. You should keep this in mind when choosing your bathroom remodeling contractor. Many companies claim to be able to finish the project quickly, but end up taking weeks. Unfortunately, even in a space as small as the bathroom, there is a whole range of things that could potentially go wrong. Fortunately, the right contracting team will have enough experience to work professionally and meticulously. They’ll also understand the importance and value of even the smallest details  — from the color of the wall paint to the type of light switch.

Quality First

Now that you have an idea of what you’d like your bathroom to look like, it’s time to discuss the importance of quality products. For your bathroom remodel in Doylestown, it’s important to note that cutting corners can often compromise durability and even safety of the bathroom. The right company will use only the best quality of products, ensuring that your new bathroom is as safe as it is beautiful.

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel in Doylestown, don’t hesitate to contact an expert contracting team and get started. You’ll be able to enjoy the results in as little as two days.

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