Lakeville Woman Happy with Tub to Shower Conversion

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Lakeville tub to shower conversion before - ReBath Northeast

Lakeville fiberglass 1 piece unit before ReBath Northeast’s tub to shower conversion.

Our A+ crew John and Chris remodeled a bathroom in Lakeville on Monday. The homeowner visited her local Home Depot and saw the ReBath Northeast walk-in shower display. She asked a Home Depot associate how she could get one just like it, and the associate set her up with our office.

When we spoke with Pat the homeowner, we discovered that she was worried about falling when climbing over her tub. She saw the display in the Home Depot and realized it would be so much safer and easy to have a walk-in shower.

Our estimator Andy visited Pat in her home on June 16. She chose the color that she wanted from the 20% off sale. Since all of the products were in stock, Andy told her the installation would be very soon.

Exactly one week later, John and Chris arrived at 7 am to begin work on her bathroom. First, Chris explained how they would tear everything and take it down to the studs so they could check the plumbing and drain. Then they would install new mold resistant board and seal it up for protection.

John and Chris worked all day long, hardly stopped to have a bite for lunch. They finished up at her home mid afternoon. Before leaving, they vacuumed the bathroom and the hallway they walked through.

Pat’s bathroom is not only safer, but looks beautiful!

Lakeville tub to shower conversion - ReBath Northeast.

Lakeville tub to shower conversion by ReBath Northeast.

Photo Jun 23, 2 09 09 PM

Lakeville tub to shower conversion by ReBath Northeast.










Written by Aimee, blogger for S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio, ReBath Northeast, ReBath of Albany and Edward’s Garden Center


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