Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015

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Did you know ReBath Northeast has a sister company that remodels kitchens? One Week Kitchens is in its second full year of giving NEPA homeowners their dream kitchens, in as little as one week.

Because ReBath Northeast and One Week Kitchens share staff and the showroom building, we know what kind of jobs they have been designing and installing. There are some trends that we noticed are quite popular right now and we would love to share them with you. If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling give these trends a look.

ReBath Northeast & One Week Kitchens Kitchen remodeling trends

Quartz countertops are gaining popularity because there is no maintenance and the patterns are more consistent than granite.

1. Quartz countertops vs. granite countertops
Many people come into the showroom and assume that they want granite countertops. Generally, this is because they don’t know the differences and advantages of quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops are manufactured from granite, marble and other natural products. Because they are man-made, one of the advantages is a more consistent color and pattern. While the inconsistency of granite is part of its appeal, quartz allows for a more uniform design, without taking away from its natural look.

Another advantage to quartz is the lack of maintenance involved. Since granite is a porous material, it needs to be resealed at least once a year. Bacteria can get into unseal granite and you can’t get in to clean it out. Quartz is a non-porous material and requires no more maintenance than wiping it down when you are done cooking.

These reasons, along with the competitive price are why most of One Week Kitchens’ customers are choosing quartz over granite.

ReBath Northeast & One Week Kitchens kitchen remodeling trends

One Week Kitchens can design a feature cabinet for your kitchen.

2. Feature cabinets in the kitchen
Many traditional homes have built-in cabinets or room for china cabinets in a formal dining room. While this is still a nice thing to have, some people are choosing to make a section of their new kitchen into beautiful feature pieces.  Many of our customers are remodeling kitchens in their “forever homes.” Because they plan on staying in that home, they are designing the kitchen exactly the way they want it.

There are many ways to add a feature cabinet to the kitchen. Some customers have added a wet bar, while others have made an old desk area beautiful again. One Week Kitchens’ designer Pat Costantino does a fabulous job figuring out the best way to add a feature piece to a kitchen.

3. Vinyl tile flooring for less maintenance
Ceramic tile flooring has been the traditional floor style in a kitchen for decades. It’s easy to clean and water resistant so why chose anything else? With all the improvements to materials in the home improvement industry, ceramic tile flooring is loosing its popularity.

ReBath Northeast & One Week Kitchens kitchen remodeling trends

Armstrong’s Alterna Vinyl tile flooring looks like real slate.

One Week Kitchens installs vinyl tile flooring by Armstrong. There are many advantages to vinyl tile flooring for both the homeowner and the installer.

The homeowner will find that vinyl tile flooring is not cold like regular ceramic flooring and it feels softer. Another advantage is that it can be installed without grout in between the tiles. This takes away all the hours of scrubbing grout to keep it clean over the years.

Our One Week Kitchens installers love Amrstrong’s Alterna vinyl tile. Because it can be glued down and walked on immediately, they don’t have to leave the job for a day to allow the floor to set. They also save time when the floor can be installed without grout in between.

Over the last two and a half years, ReBath Northeast and One Week Kitchens have enjoyed designing beautiful kitchens for homeowners in NEPA. We hope that if you are considering kitchen remodeling for your home, you will let One Week Kitchens bid on the job.

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