Five Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2015

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Several bathroom remodeling trends that had been gaining popularity over the last few years, continue to pick up steam. If you are considering a bathroom remodel over the next year, do your research and find out what’s best for your family.

1. Large walk-in showers
Walk-in showers have been ReBath Northeast’s best selling product for many years. Unless you or a family member are lovers of soaking in a tub, your family is part of the majority that never uses your bathtub. Tubs use a lot of water and are a pain to keep clean. They are also a hazard to anyone who has had knee or hip issues. For these reasons, many families are deciding to remove their bathtubs completely and install easy to use walk-in showers.

This is one trend that will not be disappearing from the top of the list for years to come.

ReBath Northeast installs walk-in showers.

ReBath Northeast converts bathtubs to beautiful walk-in showers in just one day.

2. Interesting Fixtures
With all the new technology out there, it’s hard to imagine everyone would continue to use their boring old bathroom faucets and fixtures. From unique finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brilliant Polished Nickel to shower heads that feel like you are dancing in the rain, there is so much out there to choose from. If you really want your bathroom to look unique, you could spend days just mulling over the choices in this category.

ReBath Northeast can install custom vanities

Double sink vanities and vanities with towers are becoming very popular.

3. Highend & Double Sink Vanities
It only makes sense that a bathroom shared by two people has two sinks right? Well that is definitely the way homeowners are thinking now. If your bathroom is large enough for a double sink vanity with a large mirror or two separate mirrors, go for it. Not only will your spouse appreciate their own space, but your home value will definitely go up. If the kids’ bathroom in your home is big enough for a double vanity, go for it in their bathroom too.

Besides upgrading to a double sink vanity, many homeowners are getting creative with their cabinetry, by adding towers, extra drawers and specified inserts for the drawers. If you have the room and have the budget, this is another upgrade that is worth it.

Chandeliers in bathrooms are beautiful new trend hitting the remodeling industry.

Chandeliers in bathrooms are beautiful new trend hitting the remodeling industry.

4. Fancy lighting
Many people are realizing that just because it’s a bathroom, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Another new trend that is gaining popularity is adding chandeliers and other upgraded lighting to the space. Your bathroom can be your own personal spa, so why not make it the way you want it?

5. Vinyl Tile Flooring
Now, before you cringe at the thought of vinyl in your bathroom, let us tell you that this is not the linoleum your grandmother had in her home. Today’s vinyl tile is a great material that looks like real stone tile flooring. What are the benefits to installing vinyl tile over ceramic or stone flooring? It’s cheaper, softer, and easier to install. Many vinyl tiles, like the Armstrong Alterna that ReBath Northeast installs, can be installed without grout, making it easy to install and easier for the homeowners to maintain.

If you looking to remodel your bathroom over the next year, do your research. Figure out your families needs and choose a reputable company, like ReBath Northeast.

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