Cool and Contemporary Bathroom Tile Options

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Bathroom remodeling reading

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Reading, one of the most important choices you have to make is the tile type and design. There are a number of options that give your bathroom a cool and distinctive look while complementing a variety of fixture choices.

Ocean Color Bathroom Tiles

Ocean colors include options like aqua, blue green, turquoise and seafoam. You can combine these colors with a variety of browns for a warmer and more diverse color scheme. Tiles that have a glass look are festive and have the illusion of water which is perfect for a bathroom space.

Reflective Bathroom Tiles

When you are doing a full bathroom remodel you might choose more than one tile option. Reflective tiles are ideal as a bathtub or shower surround. They add glamour and elegance and provide the illusion that the room is bigger. This is especially true if you choose reflective tiles in a lighter color.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Turn a wall in your bathroom into a work of art with patterned tiles when you are planning bathroom remodeling in Reading. Patterns like mosaics must be planned out in advance to ensure that they are placed perfectly on the wall. You might choose a simpler option, such as having a small nature scene above your bathtub to incorporate this idea without needing such meticulous planning.

White Subway Bathroom Tiles

This is a very contemporary option that gives your bathroom a very sleek and modern look. Offset the white with a gray grout to make the tiles stand out and to prevent that sterile feeling of only stark white in your bathroom. These tiles pair up perfectly with silver and clear glass for a luxurious feel.

As you can see, when you are planning for bathroom remodeling in Reading, you have several tile options to choose from. Think about the overall aesthetic you are going for and narrow down your tile choices to those that accomplish it.

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