Bathroom Remodeling: Think Outside the Tub

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Planning for a bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville involves a lot of planning, choosing, and talking to contractors. In all the bustle, you may feel rushed on some of your choices. Since the bathtub or shower is usually the biggest item in a bathroom, those tend to be all people focus on. And while the tiling, showerhead, and handles are important details, different accents get swept into a corner. Here are some other aspects of your bathroom to keep in mind when you plan a remodel.

The bathroom needs better lighting than almost anywhere else in the house. A strong shower light makes sure nobody slips on the soap, and a row of lights over the mirror keep things illuminated while people shave, apply makeup, adjust their outfits, or do any number of other grooming habits. Choosing attractive light fixtures makes all the difference between a nice bathroom and a truly luxurious one.

Wall color is another important thing to consider during a bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville. You could spend hours choosing the perfect tile, and then completely forget to put thought into the rest of the walls. Take time to choose paints that hold up well in damp conditions, and of course you should choose a color you like.

Safety is one last aspect of remodeling you may overlook. Handrails are important, especially if you have elderly inhabitants or guests. Insist on the highest quality safety considerations. Remember that a towel rack does not substitute for a sturdy rail designed for stress. And while you likely won’t discuss this with a contractor, consider purchasing anti-slip guards for your shower floor. Don’t let these important measures slip through the cracks.

Bathroom remodeling in Phoenixville is exciting and gratifying, but not if you don’t let yourself pay attention to details. Take an inventory of every minute aspect of your current bathroom’s style and make sure it is replaced and improved in the new model for a satisfying, beautiful new room.

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