Artists from Lackawanna County Poke Fun at Pothole Problem

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Some artists from Lackawanna County want the community to join them in poking fun at potholes.

Their photo project meant to make people laugh about how this winter tore up our roads is gaining national attention.

Potholes were a popular topic this winter on Newswatch 16 and probably in the minds of all of us, but they rarely bring about happy thoughts. That’s why the folks at the Pop Up Studio in Scranton decided to make potholes the topic of their photo contest.

This winter you couldn’t avoid the potholes or the truth that the potholes themselves are just part of our shared experience as Pennsylvanians.

That shared experience may mean a rough ride, or worse a popped tire.

Either way potholes make us mad.

But a group of artists from Lackawanna County says relax, have a cold beer, and think about that pothole’s potential. Lackawanna County Artists poke fun at potholes

“Everybody was complaining, more than ever because we had such a harsh winter. You know what? It’s just been so fun to get people out of their houses doing something completely silly they normally wouldn’t do,” said Valerie Kiser.

Kiser and Ruth Koelewyn are a part of the Pop Up Studio – a group of artists who organize art installations in the Scranton area.

For their latest project, they hit the streets asking people to make their favorite pothole into a masterpiece.

Take a picture and enter it for a chance to win a free set of tires, something that would make any driver smile after this winter.

Potholes are becoming harder and harder to find now but I think we can all agree that that’s a good problem. If you’re willing to look, the folks at the Pop Up Studio have extended the deadline for the photo contest another week.Lackawanna County Artists poke fun at potholes

So get creative; a pothole is more than a pothole. It can be a poolside party for Barbie and friends or a construction site on a much smaller scale.

The artists say if they can make you smile while thinking about potholes, they’ve achieved their goal.

“Our group mission as the Pop Up Studio is to celebrate everything about Lackawanna County, about Scranton, all the people, the history, the culture here, and really potholes are a part of that! So we’re celebrating that and I think that can be put to everything else,” said Ruth Koelewyn.

If you would like more information about the pothole photo contest, you can submit photos on the Pop Up Studio’s Facebook page.

People will be able to vote on their favorite pothole picture before the end of the month.

This story is from WNEP.

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