Apparently Kid from Wilkes-Barre Goes Viral

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Apparently kid from Wilkes-Barre goes viral - ReBath Northeast

The video of Noah Ritter’s interview at the Wayne County Fair by WNEP-TV has gone viral on the Internet, amassing more than 300,000 views. Photo by The Citizens’ Voice.

When WNEP’s Sophia Ojeda, asked little Noah Ritter, from Wilkes-Barre, how the amusement ride was at the Wayne County fair, she was not expecting him to take over the interview…apparently.

And apparently, he was not expecting to become a national sensation over night, especially with the title apparently kid.

During his “first ever, live TV interview” Noah confessed I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid.”

But now this five year old is the news — national news — after he swiped the microphone and shined during a Newswatch 16 interview.  

It’s a show-stopping moment that “apparently” made this little guy a big star, including on Good Morning America. “Apparently every time grandpa gives me the remote after Powerball.”

“He’s a reporter in the making, starting every phrase with apparently.” So what does Noah think about going national? WNEP caught up with him at his grandparents’ house in Wilkes-Barre to find out.

“It was great but apparently I was so embarrassed. I was like this embarrassed,” he said. “Because apparently, oh, now, now I’m just using the words that I used when I was filmed at the county fair.” Since his interview went viral,his grandfather, John Borowski, has received over 200 calls from media outlets asking questions and hoping to interview Noah.

“Yeah, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ called. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’” Noah said on Tuesday, practicing the phrase several times before getting it right. “God, this is never going to end. I’m going to be interviewed all night!” Noah not only stole the show from WNEP this week, but also on Good Morning America. See what this little super star had to say… which shocked Michael Strahan.

Info for this post came from WNEP and The Citizens’ Voice.


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