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3 Common Types of Bath-to-Shower Conversion

More and more people are doing away with their seldom-used tub and turning it into a more luxurious version of that daily workhorse, the shower. If you want more usable space in your bathroom, this can be a great option. Modern, spa, and traditional are three of the most popular styles to consider. There are tub-to-shower conversion experts in Williamsport to help you decide which is best for you.


Modern bathroom design is practically defined by the walk-in shower. Because they tend to be minimalist, consisting of simple tile and glass walls, modern shower stalls look great in any room. Popular materials for a modern look include wood, stone, slate and glass, paired in ways that give a modern feel, such as wood with glass or stone. Recessed shower shelving and a large, spa-like showerhead add to the modern feel.


The spa shower is hugely popular right now, particularly in master bath suites, which people use to escape from daily pressures and unwind after a long day. Because spa showers are, above all, large, a tub-to-shower conversion can create an ideal space for one. Spa design can vary greatly, from natural materials with warm, muted colors to airy blues and greens with a ton of natural light (or artificial light made to feel natural). A luxurious showerhead is a must, and you can add extras like additional wall-mounted sprays and versatile lighting. With spa showers so desirable now, there are nearly endless options to choose from.


Traditional shower design does not mean a tub with a curtain in boring white tile. Instead, chose neutral tones for your tub and shower and add your own accents of color with a nice shower curtain or some pretty towels.

These are just a few of the popular trends. If you want more information, be sure to seek out tub-to-shower conversion experts in Williamsport. They can answer all of your questions.