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As we age, having the confidence and capability to stay independent and live in your own home becomes one of the most important aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, staying independent can be a struggle. Everyday routines become more difficult as get older. One of the biggest dangers for senior citizens is falling in the bathroom. ReBath Northeast wants to help you keep your independence and get your confidence back when it comes to bathing. There are many ways ReBath Northeast can modify your bathroom to make it safer and make you more independent and confident.

Walk-in Tub
If you enjoy relaxing in a warm bath but are struggling to step over a traditional tub, ReBath Northeast’s walk-in tub options may be right for you.
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Barrier-Free Showers
If you are confined to a wheelchair and find it difficult to get into a regular shower or tub, ReBath Northeast can install a barrier-free shower to make bathing easier and safer.

ReBath Northeast’s barrier-free showers allow you to roll your wheelchair right into the shower, giving you the ability to shower without the help of a caregiver. Strategically placed grab bars help you move around and reach items you need. ReBath Northeast can even install a hand held shower head so you can clean all those hard to reach places, with less difficulty.

ReBath Northeast’s barrier-free showers come with a ReBath acrylic wall system and lifetime warranty.

Seated Bases
If you prefer to take a shower but find it difficult to stand the entire time, ReBath Northeast’s seated shower base may solve your problem.

Whether you currently have a tub or a shower in your bathroom, ReBath Northeast can replace it with a DuraBath SSP acrylic seated shower base to give you the comfort and confidence you deserve. Seated bases come with a contoured seat for comfort and ease while bathing.

ReBath Northeast’s seated bases come in a variety of colors to match the acrylic wall systems.

Grab Bars
Grab bars are a great addition to any ReBath System. They can help you maintain your balance, lift yourself up or prevent you from falling when getting in and out of the tub. ReBath Northeast offers grab bars in two sizes and in different colors to match your style.


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